The Good Soup Truck relies on financial support and volunteer efforts from kind and generous individuals in our community.


Donations Received


Volunteer Hours

3,000+ hours

Our Friends

We wish to recognize the following individual and organizations for their outstanding levels of financial and volunteer support.

The Good Soup Truck Champions ($25,000+)


The Good Soup Truck Benefactors ($10,000+)

The Brown Family

Scott Wilson


Good Friends ($500+)

Natalie Fallis

Paul & Jenneh Kearns

Keystone Projects Ltd.

Fossil Project Services Ltd.

Amelia Butler

Gina McDonald & Brent Johnston

Janice Seaton

Susie Wall & Christopher Coghlan

Neil Crystal

The Kemeny Family

Howard Airey & Anita Ghatak

Guy from Brents law firm!



The Good Soup Truck Corporate Friends (donations in kind)

Terra Breads

Liquids + Solids

Glasfurd & Walker

A very special thank you to the following VOLUNTEERS for your priceless ongoing commitments of time.

Brent Johnston

Lauren Seaton

Susie Wall

Lisa Devine

Mike Devine

Traci Treleaven

Tim Webb

Anett Pincus

Kathleen Negraeff

Irene Hannon

Terri Tatchell

Lisa Zumpano

Oliver Ganske

Howard Airey

Mark Maché

Melisa Keeler

Emma Brown

Rob Brown

Alison Sinclair-Burns

Mary McMahon

Anita Ghatak

Winston Seaton

Janice Seaton

Amelia Butler

Janey Lee

Michel Facey


and many many many others!